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How to Announce Big Changes Without Creating New Problems

Announce Changes Without Creating Problems - TBM Payroll & Human Resources

When making new changes to your business, it’s important to make the announcement without creating new problems.

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

How to Announce Big Changes Without Creating New Problems

When announcing big changes, take the following precautions.

1. Get buy-in from top performers first.

It’s important that you have a few people who are already on board with the changes who can help the rest of your team adjust accordingly. It will also help to establish trust with your senior employees if they aren’t caught off guard.

Allow your senior employees to:

  • Know about the plan ahead of the announcement, which will help sell the new changes to the rest of your employees
  • Ask questions and voice their concerns to you about the changes so they are fully aware during the announcement
  • Provide feedback while the changes are being implemented

2. Get to the “why” quickly.

Instead of starting the conversation with the changes, address the reason behind it.

To do this, you can:

  • Remind them of a problem you’ve been seeking to solve and let them know how this will address it.
  • Tell your employees of other changes that have already been implemented that have helped your business.
  • Remind them that they’re not the only ones having to adjust to this change, but you’re making adjustments as well.

3. Acknowledge that change is tough.

As you begin discussing your new plans, make sure to stay human and let your team know that you’re aware this is a tough change to make.

Let your employees know that you’re open to discussing their issues with said changes.

4. Check in.

Be sure to continually check in with your team as these new changes are rolling out, and don’t be afraid to remind them that you’re there to answer any questions or complaints.

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