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4 Reasons CEOs Should Sit With Their Teams

4 Reasons CEOs Should Sit With Their Teams - TBM Payroll & Human Resources, Albany, NY

Don’t have your own office space? This article from Entrepreneur has 4 great reasons you should sit with your employees.

4 Reasons CEOs Should Sit With Their Teams

Sitting with your team members provides several key benefits that every business leader should consider.

1. You’re approachable to team members at all levels.

Getting rid of a door removes the physical barrier to connecting with others.

Consider seating new employees next to you or across from you, which may make them uneasy for a couple of days, but by the end of the first month, they will have first-hand experience of your company culture.

2. Flexibility and collaboration are built into the workplace.

By bringing people closer together, the support team can more easily tap into customer success wins.

When you have your marketers in close proximity to your engineers, and so on, there is constant communication of operations going on in the office which leads to collaboration and even new ideas.

In open offices, good etiquette around communication is essential to creating an environment that does not hinder productivity.

3. You can participate in the business at all levels.

When a CEO decides to sit among the team, they’ll get more insight into challenges the team faces on a daily basis, and get opportunities to dive into core processes across product, culture, and operations.

4. You’re closer to the culture.

The fastest way to gain perspective on how your employees feel about working at your company is sitting beside them.

Running a business isn’t always intuitive. You need many perspectives to keep innovation and growth at the heart of it all. For a CEO — or any senior business leader — being connected to the people you work with is a major factor in the success of your company.

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