Payroll Management & Administration

Administrative Services Organization

Is your business looking for payroll management? TBM Payroll offers a full-service payroll processing service model called “administrative services only” service or ASO Services. Our full-service payroll option includes easy deposits for employees through check, pay card, or directly through your company bank account, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly payroll cycles, payroll reporting, earnings reports, and garnishments including child support and payroll deduction management.

We also provide calculating, reporting, and payment of federal, state, city, and local payroll taxes. All phases of payroll tax reporting are covered including Federal and state withholding, quarterly Federal and State unemployment tax reporting annual reporting including W-2 and W-3.

Further Professional Payroll Services

Other professional payroll services available for both PEO and ASO service models include:

Certified payroll reports for government contracts, cost payrolls, paid time off accrual tracking, online access for employees and client.  Paperless invoicing, paperless pay stubs, paperless new hire documentation with electronic signature. On demand web based reporting.

  • Payroll processing and distribution
  • Payment of all payroll taxes (federal, state, city and local)
  • Payment of state disability insurance premiums reparation and filing federal 940 annual unemployment tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of federal 941 employers federal tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of state unemployment reports
  • Labor distribution and job costing reports
  • Certified payroll management and administration
  • Employee earnings statements
  • Employee payroll deductions
  • Direct deposit checking and savings
  • Vacation and holiday accruals
  • Collection and disbursement of garnished wages
  • W-2's and year end tax reporting
  • Online access for both client and employee

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