Employee Benefits Management Services

Importance of Employee Benefits

True or False: A competitive benefits program is a significant advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

It’s true! There are so many benefits to competitive employee benefits packages that it is crucial for your business to invest in one. Some of the major advantages include the following:

  • Motivates skilled employees to stay with their employer
  • Reduces turnover rates
  • Decreases the costs of hiring new employees
  • Increases employee morale and engagement
  • Creates a healthier bottom line
  • Boosts productivity rates
  • And much more!

This doesn’t even touch on how happier employees lead to happier customers and overall work environments, which are all amazing perks that feed your business’s bottom line. If you’re in the market for employee benefits, look no further than TBM Payroll’s comprehensive employee benefits packages.

TBM Payroll Employee Benefits Packages: ACA Compliance

TBM Payroll offers an extensive range of employee benefits and programs tailored to your business. We offer traditional benefits such as Federal and State Paid Family Leave and Worker’s Compensation insurance with pay-as-you-go premiums. Our comprehensive employee benefits packages are also ACA-compliant, meaning they conform to the regulations set forth under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The best part: our online ACA compliance portal allows you to monitor ACA information and be proactive in managing your needs! You can do this with the online easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools available to you.

On top of our employee benefits packages, we’ll also provide you with a dedicated claims team. They’ll complete the following for you:

  • Process and file claims;
  • Oversee the management of loss control; and
  • Complete unemployment claims management with a hearing representative and reporting.

 When you work with TBM Payroll, you can trust you’re working with knowledgeable professionals ready to provide you with the services you need. We’re here to give you the best employee benefits packages for your business bottom line, in the long run.

Specific TBM Payroll Employee Benefits Programs and Plans

Do you want to know what TBM Payroll employee benefits programs and places are available? Below, we’ve rounded up some of our top programs and plans you can enroll your employees or organization in, such as:

  • Group health, dental and eye care programs
  • Prescription coverage
  • Annual plan and rate negotiations
  • Credit union participation
  • Direct deposit checking or savings
  • Cobra administration
  • Supplemental life insurance programs
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Flexible benefits section 125 cafeteria plan (use pre-tax dollars to pay for group health benefits)

How to Apply to TBM Payroll’s Employee Benefits Packages

To help make your enrollment easier, we’ve created an available web-based enrollment process for those who are eligible. Our intuitive, online user experience quickly walks employees through their benefit enrollment process and allows them to compare different plans and select those that best meet their life needs. A huge bonus: our benefit enrollment system allows you to offer your employees Fortune 500 benefit plans or administer their plans in an easy to use, flexible benefit administration module.

Ultimately, it’s your pick! With our extremely flexible contribution setup features, you can easily contribute to your employees’ benefits. Plus, the system will automatically process your employees through payroll. That’s the TBM Payroll advantage. If you’d like to learn more, contact us!

Let’s work together to boost the bottom line for your business and employee morale!

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