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The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

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This article comes from Entrepreneur.

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Psychologist Denis Waitley’s approach to winning with self-awareness and self-esteem puts an exclamation point on the idea that most often success comes from within.

Effectiveness is rooted in discipline and routine, not talent or genius. Successful entrepreneurs make sure to be detailed, organized and fully prepared before executing any goal or plan. Self-awareness and self-esteem are the programs running in the background of your mind that help makes it all happen.

So what does that look like in practice? Here are eight characteristics of effective entrepreneurs that are connected to Dr. Waitley’s winning mindset:

Visionary mindset

Successful entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of time thinking, creating and visioning. Being innovative comes naturally to all of us if we can discipline ourselves to enjoy the process of being in constant discovery. A successful entrepreneur’s most powerful asset is their imagination. The most effective entrepreneurs dare to dream, act and turn their dreams into reality. This visionary quality sets them apart from those who don’t dare to dream as big. Standout entrepreneurs don’t see a limit to their creativity, success or ability to make money. They also have a positive and lasting impact on others and involve themselves in new ventures.

Embrace the day early

The most effective entrepreneurs are early risers — they support the belief that the early bird gets the worm. They start their day visualizing what they want to achieve and speak affirmations of success over their mindset. Many also start their day with some form of physical activity: It’s the method they use to wake themselves up, and get their blood pumping and their mind alert and active. Getting up early and getting a jump on their day allows them to get into the office before others arrive. This gives them some time to settle themselves, collect their thoughts and generate lists of priorities to most efficiently organize and tackle their day.


One of the easiest ways successful entrepreneurs increase effectiveness is by being scheduled. They live a schedule based on putting their responsibilities first and leisure activities second. Socializing is important and life-giving. Successful entrepreneurs recognize the value in getting out to be around people, not just for the human interaction and feelings of interconnectedness, but because being around others reduces stress and increases innovation. The most effective entrepreneurs schedule social time at the end of their day when work pressures are off. When responsibilities are put first, this type of discipline helps successful entrepreneurs enjoy their free time unencumbered by nagging responsibilities that weren’t met during the day.

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