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5 Myths Preventing You From Delegating Effectively

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This article comes from Entrepreneur.

5 Myths Preventing You From Delegating Effectively

If you’re struggling with delegating, there are a handful of tools you can use to make the most of this management technique. Here are the five most common myths we hear about delegation and how to prove them wrong.

1. “My people are already too busy.”

This myth causes a confusing whirlwind of emotions: you’re grateful your people are busy but fearful that asking them to do more will cause resentment or frustration. You’re left feeling pressure to take on more work yourself out of fear your team will fail or quit.

Dispel the myth: Get more data. Start a conversation with your team and crowdsource the support you need. Don’t make assumptions — ask people if they can take on more work. More often than not, you’ll find people want to help and will find the time if you ask for it. As an ancillary benefit, this also shows your team that it’s okay to ask for help and inspires future collaboration.

2. “They can’t do it as well as I can.”

While we want to believe in our teams, there is some truth to this myth. If you’ve been bogarting a task or role for a long time, you’re the expert. That pattern will never change unless you take time to propagate your expertise.

Dispel the myth: Invest in people. This is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve gotten from Clay Mathile, Aileron’s Founder, and it’s one I carry with me every day. Your team is your most valuable resource, and spending time growing their skills is an investment. They might not get it right the first time. Or even the second time. But the ultimate end result will be a team that operates comfortably and autonomously, freeing up your time. You might also be surprised at the skills and diverse perspectives they bring to the table.

3. “It will be faster if I do it myself.”

Again, this is initially true. If you’re the expert at a task or role, it’s second nature to you. But where does that leave you? Stuck and unable to grow and focus on more important tasks. And where does that leave your people? In the same place.

Dispel the myth: See point two. Invest in people. If you maintain control over a task simply because it’s faster for you to do it, you’re missing the opportunity for long-term personal and organizational growth.

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