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How to Stay Motivated Working Remotely

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This article comes from Entrepreneur.

How to Stay Motivated Working Remotely

Here are six tips on how to stay motivated while working remotely.

1. Wake up early.

It can be hard to get up early if you don’t have to be at an office at a set time. However, it’s a good habit that’s well worth adopting. Waking up early is a common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. When you rise with the birds, you have the chance to get a head start on your day.

On the simplest level, you’ll have time to mentally acclimate to the day so that you don’t feel rushed from the get-go. However, there are more specific benefits to your workday as well. You’ll be able to respond to emails, do errands, and maybe even a workout in so that when it’s time to work, you can really focus on what needs to be done without having to contend with these everyday obligations.

2. Be consistent in your routine.

Success rewards consistency. Unfortunately, when you work remotely, you may not always be working in the same city or with the same desk setup at all times. However, it is possible to set up routines that can follow you no matter where you are.

For example, maybe your routine goes like this: wake up early, go for a run, make a to-do list, respond to emails, then get to work. By adhering to this routine over time, you’ll be able to effectively get into “work mode” no matter where you are, and you’ll likely see positive results in your overall productivity.

Personally, I pride myself on being able to work from basically anywhere in the world where I can find an internet connection. But I make sure to maintain my discipline and motivation by sticking to tried and true routines.

3. Dress for success.

One of the biggest cliches about remote or home workers is that they’re always working in their pajamas. But on a daily basis, a sloppy appearance can make for a sloppy work ethic.

Getting dressed for work can actually help make you feel more prepared, professional, and even boost your confidence — even if you’re not going to see a single coworker all day. You’ll feel more like a real worker, and will be more likely to do good work. No, this doesn’t mean you have to put on a suit and tie. But by making yourself presentable, you’ll feel more motivated and better prepared to face whatever the day may bring.

4. Get organized.

You might not realize it, but a messy, disorganized space, hinders your ability to think and work effectively.

If your workspace is messy, things like finding files or items you need take just a little bit longer, and the visual noise can be distracting. The amount of time and distraction might be minimal on a daily basis, but when you add it up over weeks, months, and years, it can have a big effect on your output.

It’s worth taking the time to organize your work area. Keep a reasonably neat desk space, and try to keep the icons on your computer or laptop as organized as possible. You’ll probably find it makes your life a lot easier.

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