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6 Ideas For How You Can Avoid Making Any More Bad Hires

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This article comes from Entrepreneur.

6 Ideas For How You Can Avoid Making Any More Bad Hires

If the in-house efforts describes fail to turn up the right candidates, then it’s time to turn to a professional recruiter.

1. Use “premium” job sites.

Job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor can be good for finding junior candidates, but ensuring that that job ad is seen by the best candidates possible is the challenge. For that reason, there’s a lot of benefit in moving away from the standard job boards and instead looking at premium sites that offer more than simple ad posting.

2. Promote your vacancies through fresh mediums.

Another way to grow the reach of your candidate search is to find more engaging ways to advertise. Making use of YouTube and podcasts by mentioning open positions toward the end of your content can bring you candidates via word of mouth. Videos and podcasts also can be further shared via social media, your website, email, LinkedIn and other platforms.

3. Engage passive candidates.

“Passive” candidates are those who aren’t actively seeking a new position but might be interested were the right approach made. For more senior positions, people who are already actively working elsewhere may be the best candidates to speak to.

Approaching passive candidates should be a separate category for your recruitment strategy, as it will require a different, often more sensitive, form of outreach. Employing a headhunter here can help, but some simple research through a tool like LinkedIn will go a long way toward finding these candidates.

4. Host an open house day.

An open house day is the term for a day in the office when you show candidates around your business and speak to them in an informal setting. These events are often attended by serious job hunters and are a good way to see if they will fit your company culture.

For the event, you can bring in staff from different departments to question candidates and provide a second opinion on their qualifications and competency. Having members of your staff mingle with the candidates in this way will allow candidates to relax and be themselves.

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