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When to Cut Ties With a Longtime Employee

Firing A Longtime Employee - TBM Payroll, Glens Falls, NY

When you need to do what’s best for your business, sometimes tough decisions have to be made. This article comes from Entrepreneur.

When to Cut Ties With a Longtime Employee

Use this process to determine whether a longtime employee would be better off somewhere else:

1. Look for signs of vision mismatch.

Sometimes employees stick around despite a mismatched vision because they believe in what they’re doing. When deeper disagreements arise, step in quickly to determine if the disconnect is temporary or more serious.

Has the employee begun to delay projects or submit work below standards? Does the employee disagree with leadership frequently? It might be time to look at letting this employee go.

2. Have an honest conversation.

If the employee appears to be unhappy with the situation, don’t put off the inevitable. Schedule a meeting and discuss the issue. Maybe the employee is just having a bad month or two, but you’ll never know unless you directly ask.

Start the conversation by communicating observations and then listen to what they have to say. Let them be honestly by encouraging transparency. If the issue involves something with the company’s vision, dig deep.

Is the issue with a specific part of the vision or the whole thing? Did a single decision set off this change? Was it a series of events?

3. Make the call that’s best for the company.

As a longtime employee, this person is probably a trusted friend and worker. However, if they have developed an irreconcilable disagreement with the company’s vision, both sides would be happier if the employee were to find work elsewhere.

As hard as it may be, remember the company comes first. Retaining an employee who does not want to help the company achieve its goals is bad for everyone. The employee might not want to lose the job, but in the face of long-term dissent — and with the potential for that dissent to spread — do the right thing for everyone and fire the employee with dignity.

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