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3 Simple Strategies to Boost Morale

Employee Morale Tips - TBM Payroll, Glens Falls, NY

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

3 Simple Strategies to Boost Morale and Get the Best Results From Your Team

To make that easier for you, I’m going to give you my three best techniques for boosting your team’s morale so they can produce the best results.

1. Write Monday morning emails.

This is something I still do every week in my business, and it’s one of my favorite recommendations for other entrepreneurs because you don’t have to spend any extra money and it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes every week.

Every Monday morning, write an email to everyone on your team where you:

  • Remind the team of your vision for the company in one or two sentences.
  • Share a lesson you’ve learned recently that the team can apply to their own work.
  • Ask the team for their thoughts on the lesson and any other feedback they have.

2. Praise in public, criticize in private.

Your team is always going to get things wrong. In fact, they’re going to get things so wrong that it makes you angry. This is true even if you have the most talented, hardest working and most dedicated people on your team.

Since training is cheaper than recruiting, your goal should always be to coach people up or coach people out. If you set high expectations for them and demonstrate that you truly believe in them, the people who belong there will grow into their true potential. And whenever possible, you should deliver that praise in public. That creates a positive spiral of accountability because the team members you praise want to keep living up to the higher status you’ve given them.

3. Have your team create a culture training course.

This part can potentially be time-consuming, but lucky for you, you don’t need to it yourself. In fact, this is much more effective if you don’t do it yourself and instead assign it to someone on your team.

Here’s why: You will never be the sole creator of your business’s culture. Once you get the ball rolling, it’s up to the best and brightest members of your team to keep setting an example for their peers. Once you get to the point where you know who the star players are, pick out one of them and ask him or her to create a culture training course and deliver it to every new hire who joins the business.

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