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6 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

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As an entrepreneur, business owner, or even manager, you should always be looking for ways to grow in your leadership.

This helpful article comes from Entrepreneur.

6 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

If your work is not aligned with your values, take a deeper look to find work that is.

1. Let go of “shoulds.”

“Should” is one of the most dangerous words in our inner dialogue. Stop trying to live up to others’ expectations or advice. What do you truly want?

Free yourself from trying to look good, get it all right or performing for others. Settle into your own expression of self and learn and grow from what life is offering.

2. Take responsibility.

You create your world through the choices you make. Take full responsibility for your world and commit to creating from it.

When you put yourself in the driver’s seat, those circumstances outside your control have far less power over you.

3. Get to know yourself.

What are your core values? What drives you and gives you a sense of purpose? Do the work to truly get to know your core self and unique strengths, then try to bring more of that forward.

Ask yourself, “What is my most useful contribution at this moment?” Align with that.

4. Accept all of yourself.

Once you know yourself, accept yourself – all of yourself, your shadow and your light. Stop trying to change who you are and instead work to strengthen who you are.

Work to be more present with yourself, just as you are.

5. Embrace challenges.

You can spend a lifetime fighting every little roadblock, or you can conquer them by embracing them for what they are: opportunities to grow.

Find the lessons and you will always succeed.

6. Let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

When you imagine your ideal life or career, what intrusive thoughts get in the way? Let go of those!

Every moment is an opportunity to write and rewrite your story in a way that is nourishing and life-affirming.

Everyone is a natural leader but you cannot lead naturally if you aren’t leading yourself first. Turn your focus inward and get to know yourself so that you can get control of yourself, your path, and your choices. Leadership will follow.

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