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6 Characteristics of Successful Remote Employees

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Thinking about offering remote work to some or all of your employees? This article from entrepreneur has great tips for what to look for in remote employee candidates.

6 Characteristics of Successful Remote Employees

But slow down and consider what you’re doing here. Not everyone is cut out for remote working. It takes a special individual to succeed. Specifically, that individual should be:

1. Self-motivated

While you may find it relatively simple to motivate in-office employees, it’s much more challenging to stay on top of remote workers. That’s why it’s so important for remote workers to be self-motivated and independent. They should be able to stay on task and take action without being prodded or told what to do.

2. Disciplined

While remote workers may not have to deal with distractions related to coworkers and office drama, they’re still exposed to their own set of unique diversions. This is especially true for people who work from home. That’s why discipline is such an important characteristic. Remote workers must be able to get enough sleep, set deadlines and follow through on them, and avoid handling personal responsibilities during the middle of the workday.

3. Strong in communication skills

Because remote employees don’t spend much time in the office, they have to be good communicators. They need to be proficient with both email and phone, understanding how to relay results in a clear and concise manner. You can usually tell if someone is a strong communicator by how he or she handles the application and interview process.

4. Already experienced in working remotely

While not a requirement, the remote experience is usually a good credential to look for when hiring people who will be working remotely for you This will ensure you aren’t the guinea pig: Your candidates already have a basic understanding of what it looks like to work independently.

5. Highly responsive

You can’t afford to spend your day chasing down your remote workers when you need information or answers. That’s why, in addition to being good communicators, remote workers need to be highly responsive. They should always be reachable during the workday, and within minutes, whether that’s through phone or email.

6. Tech-savvy

Finally, remote workers have to be tech-savvy. They’ll be spending the majority of their time working on computers and other devices. Therefore, they need to understand how to use software and important programs as efficiently as possible. The last thing you can afford is for your remote employees to constantly be tying up your IT team with simple problems that shouldn’t be an issue.

Make the smart choice.

Remote working leads to high returns — that much is clear. But not everyone is cut out for the responsibility. The key is to hire the right people. If you can find individuals who fit the mold discussed above, the remote portion of your operation will be a success.

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