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Rallying Employees to Embrace New Management Practices

Rallying Employees to Embrace New Management Practices - TBM Payroll, Albany, NY

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

Rallying Employees to Embrace New Management Practices

Management and workforce often approach new ideas from opposite directions. What distinguishes good managers is getting everybody on-board of their own volition while walking the talk themselves.

New is always better — to a manager.

While many new leaders feel that way, it is almost impossible to get that point across to employees. To understand why you need to look at it from the employee’s perspective.

For them, new approaches are scary and demand that they come out from their comfort zone. There is no way they’ll do that unless you show them the clear benefits they’ll receive from trying something new.

The key to helping your employees is to communicate your ideas clearly and often. Internal communication is more than just a buzzword.

Learning to “get” your employees.

Leadership is about getting measurable results as a team. But it is also about making sure employees understand why changes are necessary, why you make the decisions you make, and how leadership decisions benefit them.

One-on-ones are a vital part of keeping your employees engaged.

Employees need to know you are working for their benefit.

One of the benefits of one-on-one meetings is that employees feel part of the decision making process. When people know their ideas are heard and concerns listened to, they will be more committed to the outcome.

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