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Even Though My Team Works Remotely We Still Have a Strong Company Culture

Remote Workers Company Culture - TBM Payroll

Do you have a remote team? This great article that TBM Payroll wanted to share with you about having strong company culture regardless of where your team is comes from Entrepreneur.

Even Though My Team Works Remotely We Still Have a Strong Company Culture

At my company, our vibrant culture is what makes working without four walls work. It’s inextricably linked to our vision, and by design, our team willingly — and enthusiastically — embodies that. We leave no margin for a “kinda sorta” cultural commitment; you’ve got to be all in, contributing to the greater good. Our culture is a hum. A verve. A vibe. An electricity. Here are just a few ways we keep our work family bonded by culture while experiencing cubicle “empty-nest” syndrome:

1. Make time for face time.

There are countless ways to build relationships with people, even if rarely in the same room with them. We know this in our personal lives — a generation of children are growing up talking to Grandma on a live streaming app. At BELAY, we keep in touch constantly through messaging and email. We also leverage video conferencing, company retreats or quarterly face-to-face events to further develop the human ties that bind.

2. Get social.

No office? No problem. We do virtual happy hours, virtual coffee talks, Friday highs-and-lows shared on social media and more. Basically, we’ll slap “virtual” in front of anything as an excuse to get together. Just because we don’t have an office doesn’t mean our team can’t have meaningful activities and share rich connection points — and yes — have fun.

3. Support work-life balance.

We have an executive team member who, like many of our colleagues, is a parent. We had a call scheduled, and I could hear commotion in the background. When I inquired, she explained that she was at the bus stop with her child but insisted she could still conduct the call. I refused. So often, we’re expected to sacrifice our personal life for work. But, being at that bus stop — really being present — is a priceless gift. Our virtual culture lets you be flexible without fear. We want you to work to live, not the other way around — and we strive to honor that every day.

Driving a strong company culture without sharing a physical space requires authenticity, support and engagement to elevate your culture beyond the physical. It lays the foundation for your company to thrive, regardless of ZIP, area or even country code. Most of all, it requires trust. When your employees leave the nest, you can be confident that they — and you — will soar if you’ve created a culture that nurtures success. That’s how your company can make working without walls work.

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